Top Social Media Sites in 2022 – Best Guide

New social media sites, such as TikTok and Vero, are springing up and drawing millions of users like never before.

While the growth of social media apps, on the one hand, provides advertisers with incredible possibilities to target growing audiences on digital platforms, there is also a growing challenge in how to best devote time, money, and energy to the abundance of choices currently open to marketers around the world.

Do you need to go on Instagram all the way? Perhaps half your social media spending will be divided between YouTube and LinkedIn and on Facebook? What about Pinterest?  These are the types of problems that concern both small companies and marketing teams.

What are the top Social Media Sites and Apps in 2021?

Here are our picks on the top social media sites and apps that you should know about and invest in by 2020 and advice on where to put your bets to help you determine which social media sites are going to be right for your brand this year.

1. Instagram

For some time, Instagram has become the home to influencers, brands, blogging businesses, small business owners, friends, and everyone between us.

If you ask if a large segment of your audience is investing time on the platform, almost the response is an incredible yes.

Instagram is now one of the teenagers and youngsters’ most popular social media platforms, particularly in the United States. Currently, Instagram is one of the top social media sites.

Usage of the Instagram drops down steadily with age but is steady for both men or they even If the categories, so it’s safe to disregard it.

Photography, amazing graphics, creative styles, video in the self-style of your audience, a consistent content theme will assist you to stand out from Instagram.

2. YouTube

YouTube today stands behind its parent company, Google, as the second most popular search engine in the world.

This social media site is a must for targeting over 2 billion monthly users whether your company is to benefit from the development of

  • video lessons or tips,
  • visually oriented teaching content,
  • product reviews, or interviews.

73% of adults report regularly using YouTube at high levels of 15 to 34 years of age. YouTube is common among men and women and used in connection with income and schooling.

What kind of content works on YouTube?

just video! The video in both long-form and short-form will work well depending on the style of the company and who your customer.

Most audiences use a mix of learning and entertainment so that they work hard to maintain focus during your videos, regardless of whether you are learning about emerging marketing strategies or streaming video gameplay.

You should also take into consideration common YouTube trends like unboxing videos and content with me that takes viewers to the trip, particularly if you reprehend a physical product.

Often to collaborate with YouTube influencers who are enthusiastic about your mission will allow you to test the water before you join. If you feel the ambition to start a YouTube channel.

Try YouTube

If your audience is below the age of 50 and uses video content as a means of either education or entertainment, you should give priority to YouTube.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform, with about 2.5 billion monthly users. While this means that at least some of the community actively uses the platform, among younger consumers who are gradually moving to other platforms, it has built a very negative image.

Nonetheless, consider getting a profile on Facebook if your brand profits from sharing industry-related news, engaging (short-form) videos, graphics, and other visually appealing content if your primary audience is above the age of 30.

You may also suggest using Facebook groups to unite the users or audience together in one place. Facebook groups are not for ads, unlike Facebook business pages, but they can be useful in establishing discussion.

68% of U.S. adults report using Facebook, with 51% reporting that they are online many hours a day. Usage is spread somewhat equally among men and women, while as age increases, users appear to become increasingly active (beyond the demographic of 40+ years).

What kind of content works on Facebook?

The more the content is compelling, entertaining, or even controversial, the more likely it is to go viral on Facebook.

To draw an audience, lean hard on short films, eye-catching images, and attention-grabbing news. Interactive material and conversation-starters are the way to go with Facebook communities. Take into account live feeds and surveys.

Focus on Facebook

If you want to target an adult audience and have compelling visual (or video) content that can catch their interest, invoke an instant emotional reaction, and make them ready to share with their mates, you can give Facebook focus. Or if you want a simple way to build a group online around a subject or business.

4. Twitter

Although Twitter’s monthly active user figures have steadily hovered around 300 million for a while now, a vast 40% of those users are active, several times a day on the platform, meaning that if the audience uses the platform, they are likely to be quite involved.

Tech-savvy people use this social media platform and today it is active in the B2B business, marketing, and policy-related verticals.

63% of Twitter users are from 35 to 65, including almost two-thirds of people.

Twitter has become a widely communicate news, find talking head content, and communicate with their customers directly in real-time.

What kind of content works on Twitter?

Videos and photos seem to stick out best, although if you look at trendy problems and are especially funny, a well-written tweet will also work.

The followers lean towards the demographic of mature men aged between 30 to 60, then prioritize Twitter. Experiment with a combination of content styles, from instructional videos to graphics that give tips and views.

5. TikTok

TikTok today officially sees over 800 million monthly users, which immediately put it among the world’s leading social network sites in terms of user numbers (according to the leaked advertisement deck).

Over 50% of the TikTok public are under 35 years old in the U.S. most of them are from 16 to 24 years old.

What kind of content works on TikTok?

Several, intros are usually organized to touch up common songs. Think fun, interesting content in style music-video.

How to use TikTok?

If You want to target a young audience with fun-based video content that is not linked to your products/services, you should prioritize TikTok.

You can not develop loyal support in being unnecessarily commercial on this platform, so take the entertaining approach.

6. Pinterest

In all fields from home improvements, holiday ideas, interior design, company, and everything between, Pinterest has become a common tool for social bookmarking to save ideas and find innovative inspiration!

This social media site is frequently pointed to as a critical aspect of the product discovery process for an audience majorly consisting of women.

Pinterest is one of the most focused women audiences among all the social media platforms with over 320 million monthly users. Around 80% of their consumers are female; Millennials are densely packed.

What kind of content works on Pinterest?

Vertically-formed photos are best achieved on this website, primarily because of the viewing interface of the users. Clear copy of refined imagery demonstrating what Pinner’s gaze would look like if they press.

A major part of the approach can be figures, lists, and quotations. And in your photos, don’t hesitate to look at keywords and search terms.

Use of Pinterest

If your target is mostly adult women your company is linked to lifestyle, fashion, decoration, or DIY. You must focus on Pinterest.

7. Snapchat

While rivalry social networks like Instagram and TikTok seem to be losing some ground, Snapchat is still one of the most used social media clients for populations under 25 years of age, who have over 300 million monthly users in recent months.

Most users of Snapchat use the app to share and connect with friends and family with their photos and short video messages which go away.

Who are all using Snapchat?

Young people aged 18 to 24 represent a whopping 78% of those participating with over 14 billion total video views on the app.

The stuff that fits best. Snapchat is a brainer medium for you to develop relationships with your customers if you have the potential to make (usually self-styled) short videos that can entertain and teach a young audience.

Use of Snapchat

If you want to target a young demographic and have an affinity to produce bite-sized, interactive video content, you can target Snapchat.

As with TikTok though don’t plan to flip your camera and chatter about your items all day as most Snapchat users are here to be entertained.


You will need to use the right tools to be successful in growing an audience and achieving an ROI on your campaigns, regardless of which social media app you decide to spend your time on as we go further into 2020.

To make it happen, the relevant visuals will be essential.

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