Best Social Media and Content Apps in 2024

Best Social Media and Content Apps in 2024: 2024 is the year in which technology is rising and growing. It means entirely new set apps that try to push the players from their spot. As a social media service provider, We use a lot of platforms and have preferences, but this post will concentrate heavily on the best social media and content apps that you can use in 2024.


Facebook app

The Facebook has the highest number of users globally and is the king of social media. Facebook has made the most advanced social platform, with nearly 2 billion active users a month.

The Facebook website has increasingly become a marketing center for businesses that can handle several campaigns and marketing to build brand awareness with the addition of Facebook Pages and Facebook Ad Campaigns.


instagram app

It is logical to say it is acquired by Facebook, that Instagram will be as popular as Facebook, if not over the next years. By enabling users to share pictures specific about themselves or their brand, Instagram presents social media with a new dynamic. Instagram has created many influencers and used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Instagram has in latest days introduced memories, live, and IGTV to make it more user friendly.


twitter app

After Facebook, Twitter is among the most commonly used platforms around 5-10 years ago. As the only platform with a character limit to posts, the platform is used by 336 million people monthly. Not to forget that one of the first platforms to embrace the hashtag (#) is Twitter.


youtube app 

We expect that the platform will grow in 2020. Youtube storms the internet and more people use this platform for 1.8 billion viewers every month. This is an excellent way of targeting and creating a new audience with its new ways for people to record their life and with advertisements too. 


hootsuite app

The tool for managing social media automates the way people post on different platforms. For companies that do not have much time, you can remain consistent if you can plan posts. 

Hootsuite has several rivals that come into the market with new platforms. Hootsuite nevertheless has a perfect way to chart your social media success, execute campaigns across the platform, and gather feeds into a single dashboard.


canva app

You don’t want to go any further than Canva if you want to create online posts or photos for product design on the website. The two models, which are free and paid, are both entirely customizable with templates. As a cloud-based design framework, mobile, tablet, and desktop access is easy.


planoly app

App Planoly is Instagram-specific and helps you to plan your posts for your Instagram profile. It helps try to show a product or slogan in your Instagram grid. The added feature is that it also offers you analytics on and of your posts to see how they look and perform.


We barely scratched the surface of what we consider to be the best social media and content apps for 2024. It can’t be easy to choose which one to use with starting every month. Our list has been created on the long-lasting businesses which have forever changed the marketing style.

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