20 Top Social Media Apps for your brand – Best Guide

See today’s top social media apps for your brand. Few are known to you, few may not be. Check out some of the social media sites that might be great for your brand to explore. It is useful to know which social media platforms around you are professional social media advertisers, social media marketers, or company owners who choose to use social media. This helps you to optimize your social media brand presence, partner closely with the right people and accomplish your social media objectives. Naturally, the scale of social networking platforms isn’t only about. It is also if the website for social media suits your company and you well. Does that suit your image of the brand? Does the social media site use your target audience? How often do you monitor social media sites at once? To make it simpler for you, I studied the 21 top social networking platforms in 2020 and summarized them. Some of you are familiar, some may sound strange. More about the social media platforms that may be perfect for your brand but you have not investigated may be worth reading.

In 2021, the best known social media apps for your brand


facebook social media site With more than 2 billion users using Facebook per month, it is the largest social media site around. It’s almost a third of the people in the country!  There are over 65 million companies on Facebook accounts and over 6 million advertisers on Facebook who are interested in marketing their company. This makes it a pretty good bet to have a social media presence.  Facebook is quick to start and nearly all of Facebook’s formats work great – text, photos, images, live videos, and stories.  However, please note that Facebook prioritizes content that creates meaningful connections and discussions between individuals especially family and friends.


youtube social media site This is a website for video sharing where people see one billion hours of videos every day. You can start by creating a YouTube channel for your brand to post content and share with your subscribers. In reality, YouTube (owned by Google) is also regarded as the second largest search engine after Google, besides being the second largest social media platform.


whatsapp social media app The WhatsApp is an app that users in more than 180 countries use for texting. WhatsApp was initially used for contact only for people with friends and families. Via WhatsApp, people eventually began contact with businesses. App has extended its enterprise network so that organizations can provide an appropriate company profile, provide customer service, and post information on their orders with consumers. The WhatsApp Business App has been created for small businesses, while the WhatsApp Business API is used for medium to big companies.


messenger social media app The messenger was once a messaging feature on Facebook, and Messenger became an independent app after 2011 and extended its functionality considerably. Companies now can advertise on Messenger, create chatbots, deliver newsletters, and more. These features have allowed organizations to communicate and interact with their customers in countless different ways. You can use Messenger in different ways for your marketing if you intend to use it for your business.


wechat social media app WeChat has become an all-in-one platform with a chat application like WhatsApp and Messenger. In addition to texting and calling, users can also use WeChat to shop and pay offline, transfer money, make reservations, book taxis, etc. In China and some parts of Asia, WeChat is the most common. WeChat could be a good alternative for you to do business in these domains (where social media platforms like Facebook are banned).


instagram social media app Instagram is a social media app for photo and video sharing. You can share a wide range of content, including photographs, images, stories, and live videos. IGTV for high length style content has also recently been introduced. As a brand, you can have a company profile on Instagram that gives you an extensive overview and the ability to plan Instagram posts using external tools (third-party tools).


qq social media site QQ is a popular instant messaging app for young Chinese people. It also enables users to decorate their avatars, watch movies, play online games, shop online, blog, and make a payment, in addition to the instant messaging features available in 80 countries, and many other different languages.


tumblr social media site Tumblr is a microblog and social networking site where text, images, connections, videos, audio, and more can be shared. Many things on Tumblr are posted by the users, from pet images to artwork to style. A Tumblr blog mostly on the exterior may look like any other website. You can use Tumblr so many blogs that you met on the internet!


qzone social media site Qzone’s also a popular Chinese social networking platform where users can upload multimedia, write blogs, play games, and decorate virtual spaces themselves. Qzone appears to be more common among teenagers (while WeChat is more popular among Adults), according to several people on Quora. However, as mobile platforms like WeChat increased, the popularity of desktop-based platforms such as Qzone seemed to have declined.


tiktok social media app Tik Tok is a growing video social network, also known as Douyin in China. In the first quarter of 2018, it was the most downloaded application that defeated Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications. It looks like Instagram in short music videos (although I’m sure it’s more than that). Users can record, edit, and add music and special effects to videos for up to 60 seconds.


twitter social media app Twitter is news, culture, sport, politics, and more social networking platforms. What differs Twitter from many other social media platforms is the fact that it relies heavily on real-time information – events that happen right now Another special aspect of Twitter is that unlike many social media platforms with much greater restrictions, it only requires 280 characters per tweet.


reddit social media app Reddit is a platform that users can use, discuss, and vote on questions, links, and images, also known as the front page of the Internet. There are subreddits (i.e. special forums) under the sun (and above) for just about anything. However, subreddits have different levels of commitment and so you can see whether your brand can participate in popular subreddits.


linkedin social media app LinkedIn is not only a Resume and a job search website now. It has become a professional social media site in which industry experts share content, network, and build a personal brand. It has also become a place for companies to develop their thinking leadership and competence in their business and to attract talent to their business.


viber social media app Viber is very similar on the level to big social media apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. It enables users to deliver messages, multimedia, call, exchange GIFs as well as stickers, etc. Viber does, however, give companies even more opportunities. As a company, you can purchase advertising, promote your brand with stickers, engage your group, present your goods in the shopping area, and provide customer service.


snapchat social media app Snapchat is a social media app for sharing pictures and short videos between friends. The format stories, which gradually spread to other social media sites such as Instagram, became popular. But Snapchat’s development and commercial interests in using Snapchat for their products, in general, seemed to be disrupted by Instagram’s growth.


Pinterest social media app Pinterest, unlike most social media platforms where interaction is the main priority, is an environment where people go to discover things and get motivated. 78% of users claim the Pinterest content from the brands is helpful (much more than on other sites) according to Pinterest. This offers you a rare chance for your brand to influence its buying decisions.


line social media app The line is a multi-functional social messaging platform for message sending, sticker sharing, playing sports, payment processing, taxi requests, and shopping online. It is Japan’s most popular message app and is also very popular in other areas of Asia. Brands can establish official online accounts for the sharing of news and promotions on the timeline of their followers.


telegram social media app Telegram is similar to any instant message service and it is also considered as a messenger system how secure it is. In addition to offering one-to-one consumer service, brands may use Telegram in different ways. For instance, brands can build Telegram platform chatbots or use the channel function of Telegram to broadcast messages to unlimited subscribers.


medium social media app Medium is a social network feature online publication website. Publishing on media is free and the majority of publications are available freely. Some products are only reserved for members who pay. In addition to posting original content on the medium, brands are very popular to republish blog posts on Channel from their blog. On which platforms is your brand placed? Irrespective of how large social media websites are, whether your brand target demographic is involved in these social media websites is most important to remember. However, broader social media platforms such as Facebook appear to reach a broad range of preferences and subjects, making it suitable for most brands.
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