Tips for Using Social Media – Best 10 Tips for business

More and more businesses are turning to social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, to drive traffic, reach consumers, and increase brand awareness. Besides a strategy and a plan, you need time and resources to achieve your goal successfully. These social media tips will help you to manage your social media business profile.

10 Tips for using social media for business

1. Select your platform accordingly

You should look for the site before setting up a profile. Please take time to find out who uses it, why it is used, and how it is used. All social media sites don’t need to be included. Choose networks that fit the target audience and marketing goals.

2. Plan, Roadmap, Strategy, Plan

Create a roadmap for how you want to use social media. This should include who will be responsible for the maintenance of the platform. Is this going to be one individual or a set of experts? Think about how often you upload content and what kind of knowledge you share.

3. Performance evaluation

As in every business practice, it is important to assess your results to see if you can improve. How social media performance is measured may vary from business to business, based on the goal you set, but may include:

  • Improved revenue
  • Improved customer support – e.g. less time to wait for help, customer concerns or explanations
  • Improved traffic on websites
  • Customer relationship with your account – you can calculate how much feedback and connections you get for as on Twitter

4. Let others know that

By providing links to your account in e-mail signatures, business cards, invoices, and your business page, you can increase awareness about your social media presence. In printed literature and publicity materials, several companies often highlight their social media presence.

5. Look competent

Many sites for social media encourage you to personalize your company profile. This could require a photo and business information is included. Your social media presence is a good way for your brand to be expressed. Give thought to the photos you need and get assistance from a graphic designer if appropriate. Ensure the details of your business are error-free. Write a summary that communicates your business key message.

6. For the customers, add value

No matter which platform you pick, added value would improve your follow-up. It may include activities such as running social media-only competitions, giving deals, or providing expert tips or knowledge about the business.

7. Be credible

If you are committed to maintaining a voice on social media, be consistent in the use of it. In most cases, one-day publishing content and following this up with a long time of inactivity is not good enough. Social networking is a contact medium that can be revised periodically in compliance with the same platform’s conduct.

8. Know what best for you

You’ll find patterns in what works in terms of engaging with your audience as you use social media. It may be post types, posting hours, post mood, or any of the above. Identify for you or for those in the business what works best. Create a plan of your own for using your social network.

Social media is increasingly changing, new networks are appearing and networks are being implemented with new features. Adjust to developments and play with them to see if the business will profit from them.

9. Different networks need different content

It could save time to update all of your chosen platforms with the same content, but note that users across all of your social media platforms might be interacting with you. Any customer can be disappointed by seeing the same message frequently. 

10. Interact with colleagues

Allow your employees aware of your presence on social media and connect with them about how each platform is supposed to be used to support the company.

Your employees are ambassadors of the company and are also the ones who engage with customers. Such staff must know what social media sites you are on. You can also highlight what customers can expect via social media from their interaction with your business.


The above social media tips will help you to manage your business profiles on all major social media sites. 🙂

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