What Is Snapchat Spotlight, and How Does It Work? Guide

Today, many users are curious about what Snapchat Spotlight is and how to use it. If you’ve been wondering about it, don’t worry; this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Snapchat has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms, with users from all over the world. The company has mostly been one of the first social platforms to provide industry-leading features that have since been imitated by others. In a similar vein, the Snapchat app debuted the new Snapchat Spotlight feature this time.

What is Snapchat Spotlight and how does it work?

Snapchat’s Spotlight feature, like its disappearing messages, end-to-end encryption, safe photo-sharing, and other features, is causing a stir in the market. The Spotlight feature, on the other hand, is a special tab in the Snapchat app, which can be located on the right-hand side as the last tab. Users can use this tap to share their short movies with others in the Snapchat community, similar to how TikTok works.

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However, because Snapchat’s policy prohibits cyberbullying, the Snapchat Spotlight feature will not include a comment section. What’s more fascinating is that unless you’re 18 orolder and using a public profile, other users won’t be able to see your display name. This will make it even more difficult for kids and non-public profile individuals to be harassed online.

Snapchat’s Spotlight guidelines (as per Snapchat support)

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Think outside the box. Be creative.

  • Vertical videos with sound should be used for snaps. The spotlight will not display still-image photographs, horizontal Snaps, fuzzy Snaps, or text-only Snaps.
  • Add a #topic on the Send To page so that people can join in the conversation or look for more Snaps like yours.
  • Make every second count by showcasing your creativity.
  • Please keep in mind that snaps might last up to 60 seconds.
  • Make your

    Snaps stand out with creative tools like captions, sounds, lenses, and GIFs.

  • Videos from your Camera Roll are supported by Spotlight, but Snaps created with the Snapchat Camera and Creative Tools are likely to be popular with the community.
  • Remember that we want to see your greatest work, therefore we may limit the number of Snaps you can submit to Spotlight in a given period. So go ahead and pick your favorites!
  • Avoid duplicating stuff on Spotlight (Snaps that are currently or were previously live).

Copyright Infringement Must Be Avoided

  • Only share content that you created yourself.
  • Make use of our licensed music library. Learn more about the subject of Sounds.
  • Don’t infringe on other people’s rights. Rightsholders report infringing material to us, and we swiftly delete it.

Keep yourself safe

  • Maintain the appropriateness of your Spotlight submissions for a 13+ audience.
  • Gambling, tobacco, weapons, controlled narcotics, and excessive or underage drinking are all prohibited.
  • Try not to deceive others, especially when it comes to money, science, health, politics, or your own identity.

Solicitation is not permitted

  • Don’t try to sell or solicit any goods or services.
  • Don’t send Snaps that have been sponsored or paid for.
  • Check out Snapchat for Business or sign up for the Brand Profile beta.
  • On Spotlight Snaps, don’t use attachments or URLs.

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