Twitter Shop Module: How it works? Easy Guide

Twitter is ready to become the e-commerce industry’s newest major player after introducing Twitter Shopping (Twitter Shop Module). Several internet heavyweights have already rolled out their versions of the shopping module. The majority of them had some degree of success as well. Social media app ‘Twitter’ is launching its ecommerce module as an in-app service called “Shop Module,” following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter, on the other hand, is not entirely new to the concept of enabling shopping through its platform. Twitter first made it possible for its users to buy products directly from retail sellers in 2015. However, the “Buy now” option was not as popular as Twitter had hoped.

Several experts pointed out that the failure of the “Buy now” button was primarily due to its emphasis on convenience rather than relevance. From time to time, Twitter attempted to improve the services of “Buy now.” However, there was little success. Finally, in 2017, Twitter discontinued the “Buy now” feature.

Twitter has launched a new feature called “Shop Module” four years after discontinuing “Buy Now.” Currently, a pilot version of the “Shop Module” is available for users in the United States who use Twitter in English on iOS devices. Twitter has come a long way since the “Buy now” feature and has successfully rolled out new exciting features over the last two years. As a result, unlike the “Buy now” feature, the “Shop Module” is expected to be a success.

twitter shopping - shop module

How Twitter Shopping (Twitter Shop Module) works:

  • Business accounts that have the “Shop module” activated will be able to offer their products for sale.
  • When a Twitter user visits the company account’s profile, the items are displayed at the top of the page.
  • User can use the right swipe to view all of the products listed by the company.
  • When a user selects a product, Twitter allows the user to pay and purchase it using its app.
  • There will be no external links to third-party seller websites.
This is Twitter Shop module

The “Shop module” lacks a specific tab, as does Facebook’s “Marketplace.” Rather, the purchase alternatives are only provided in the business profiles that we browse.

Twitter has recently been urging users to develop and maintain specialized business accounts if they want to use Twitter for business.

When I mention Twitter business accounts, you might wonder, “How is a Twitter business account different from an ordinary Twitter account?” In a technical sense, the answer is “No.” There is no distinction between creating and using a Twitter account. A Twitter business account, on the other hand, is put up for the express purpose of business and creates a clear picture of all the data about the business. If you haven’t previously, read this Twitter blog before creating a Twitter business account.

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