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Twitter has launched ‘Twitter Blue,’ its first-ever monthly subscription-based exclusive service. The new service has a few straightforward yet interesting features. At the moment, ‘Twitter Blue’ is only available to users from two countries: Australia and Canada. Based on user input, Twitter will make the service available to all users. If you’re worried about the free version being phased out, don’t be. Twitter has said firmly that the free Twitter version will not be discontinued at any time. Twitter Blue focuses on improving the user experience and providing more personalization options. We’ve got the first-hand experience with Twitter Blue, and here are some of the things you can expect.

Twitter Blue Service
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Bookmark Folders

Twitter already has a feature called ‘Bookmarks.’ People who use ‘Bookmarks’ frequently complain about a common annoyance. When a user bookmarks a large number of tweets, the system becomes clogged, and finding prior bookmarked tweets is difficult. Twitter Blue has released a new feature called “Bookmark Folders” to address this deficiency. With ‘Bookmark Folders,’ a user may organize tweets into folders based on common subheadings like movies and literature. The folder structure is more ordered, allowing the user to better manage content.

Undo Tweet

‘Undo Tweet’ is not the same as ‘Edit Tweet.’ The main distinction is that ‘Undo Tweet’ allows you to recall the tweet before it is posted to your timeline. There is no way to edit it once it has been posted. So, how exactly does an ‘Undo Tweet’ function? Here’s the solution.

Twitter Blue subscribers can set a timer of up to 30 seconds. If the timer isn’t manually set, Twitter uses 30 seconds as the default value. When you click the ‘Tweet’ button, the tweet is not immediately posted to your timeline. Instead, the tweet will be delayed for the number of seconds specified in the timer before being posted. If you realize something is wrong with your tweet and feel the need to recall it, you can do so within the timer period. The tweet will be sent after the timer expires, and you will not be able to undo it. The ‘Undo Tweet’ feature is currently unavailable to desktop users.

Reader Mode

Twitter threads are frequently used to share long-form information that cannot be summarised in 140 characters or less. Twitter users frequently struggle to find the exact follow-up tweet of a thread, and a user must open each tweet one by one to read a series of tweets conveying cohesive information. Threads can now be accessed more easily thanks to Twitter Blue Reader view beautifully organizes tweets into a thread and allows you to read the collection of tweets like a small blog without interruptions. This feature is expected to encourage Twitter content creators to experiment with long-form options.


Twitter Blue members will be able to choose from a variety of new colorful themes. In addition, the app icon can be modified if a user wants to offer Twitter a different look on his home screen. Twitter intends to introduce a few more intriguing customization choices to provide a better user experience. Twitter has also established a specialized customer service team to assist paying users.

The qualities listed above are the most notable aspects of Twitter Blue that have been observed thus far. There are a few more details about Twitter Blue that you should be aware of.

What You Should Know About Twitter Blue

twitter blue features
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  • Under the ‘Profile’ tab, you can subscribe to Twitter Blue. To set up your Twitter Blue, go to the option ‘Twitter Blue’ and then ‘Manage subscription.’
  • Twitter Blue has a regional pricing structure. Twitter Blue is currently priced at 3.49 CAD in Canada and 4.49 AUD in Australia per month. Other nations’ pricing will be announced during the launch.
  • Twitter Blue does not have a free trial period. In addition, the subscription fee is non-refundable. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and the cancellation will take effect when the current paid period expires.
  • Twitter Blue is not an ad-free version of Twitter. Twitter hasn’t ruled out the potential of an ad-free version of Twitter Blue in the future.

Latest update features:

pinned conversations: twitter blue
pinned conversations: twitter blue, (source: twitter)
bookmark folders - twitter blue
bookmark folders – twitter blue (source: twitter)
custom navigation - twitter blue
custom navigation – twitter blue (source: twitter)
ad-free articles: twitter blue service
ad-free articles: twitter blue service (source: twitter)
undo tweet - twitter blue service
undo tweet – twitter blue service (source: twitter)


It’s been a long time coming, but Twitter has finally launched a subscription-based service. The first feedback has been overwhelmingly favorable, while there have been numerous ideas from users for enhancements that they would want to see. It’s expected that Twitter Blue will include a slew of new features. What those features are, though, is a question that only time and Twitter can answer.

Do you have any intriguing Twitter Blue suggestions? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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