How to set up a creator account on Instagram? Easy Guide

Instagram is an app of social media. It is a social networking photo and video-sharing service owned by Facebook. It is used to communicate with friends and family by millions of people worldwide by sharing media on private or public accounts. If you want to set up a creator account for Instagram, see the guide below.

Depending on the intent of the account, you can convert a private account into a public or professional account.

You can use features after you move to a creator account that makes it easier to monitor your online presence, understand your growth, and manage your messages.
To use all these functions, if your account is private, the account will become public.

set up a creator account on Instagram (steps)

Step 1: On your mobile, open the ‘Instagram‘ app.

Step 2: Go to your account and press at the top of the 3 lines.

Step 3: To open the settings menu, choose the ‘Settings icon.’

Step 4: Tap on ‘Account’.

Step 5: If you are migrating from a personal account, tap ‘Switch to professional account’.

Step 6: Just tap ‘Creator’ then.

Step 7: If you are migrating from a business profile, tap ‘Switch to creator account’.

Step 8: Now, choose a category for you.
From the options available, you can select a category that best fits your profile.

Step 9: You can connect to your Facebook profile if you want to,

If you want your Facebook account to be linked to your account, pick it from the list that appears.

Select ‘Skip’ if you do not want to connect to a Facebook profile.

Step 10: Check your contact details now. It is important to provide some sort of contact information. You have a choice on your profile to view or conceal this.

Step 11: You can select your view choices for the profile. You may now hide or reveal contact information or categories on your profile.

Note: Once you make your account public, all pending follow up requests will be automatically accepted.

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