how to get verified on Instagram? Easy Guide

One of the most Google searches of 2021 is “how to get verified on Instagram?“. Everyone wants to be verified, especially as the number of influencers, mini-celebrities, and smaller companies on social media grows. A recognized blue tick next to your name indicates that your legitimacy and brand value have been verified.

What is the meaning of a verified badge?

In search and on the profile, a verified badge is a check that shows next to an Instagram account’s name. It indicates Instagram has verified that the account reflects the real person, celebrity, or worldwide brand it represents.

In its help files, Instagram expresses its position on verification. A verified badge indicates that “Instagram has certified that this is the real account for the public person, celebrity, or global brand it represents,” according to the website.

“You must be a public person, celebrity, or brand to seek a verified badge, and you must fulfill specific account and eligibility conditions.”

Steps to request verification on Instagram

A confirmed badge can be requested. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Ensure you’re logged in to the account for which you’d want a confirmed badge.
  2. Tap the “hamburger” symbol on your profile (three horizontal bars)
  3. After that, tap the gear-lever Settings symbol, then account > Verification of your account
  4. Provide your complete name and the appropriate form of identification (for example, a government-issued photo ID).
this is how to get verified on Instagram
steps to get verified on Instagram

Instagram makes it clear that they have exclusive discretion over who counts as a public figure, celebrity, or global brand. You can’t just fill out an application and expect to get validated right away.

What are the pre-requisites to get verified on Instagram?

For an account to be verified on Instagram, there are four general requirements:

  • Authentic: Your account must be for a genuine person, company, or other legal organization.
  • Unique: Your account must be a one-of-a-kind representation of the person or company it represents. Except for language-specific accounts, only one account per person or business may be confirmed. Instagram does not verify accounts with wide interests (for example, @puppymemes).
  • Complete: Your profile must be public and have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. You can’t have “add me” links to other social networking platforms on your profile.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known person, brand, or institution that is often searched for. Instagram looks at accounts that have been mentioned in various news outlets, however, they don’t look at sponsored or promotional material.

Avoid shortcuts tricks to get verified badge

Instagram, like Google, Facebook, and other large online corporations, is adept at detecting efforts to trick the system. As you work to establish enough of an influencer reputation to earn the desired verification mark, you must avoid taking any shortcuts.

Do not buy followers: Followers should never be purchased. Apart from the fact that Instagram will almost certainly notice, it will result in an “unbalanced” account, that is, a large following with minimal engagement. People you purchase as followers will have no interest in you will never read your posts, and will almost definitely never connect with you meaningfully.

Do Not Spam: Make sure your comments aren’t spammy. Instagram and its users will not consider you an influencer if you are associated with meaningless “great image” comments that are identical to those made by automated bots.

Finally, Make sure your Instagram posts follow the platform’s community guidelines.

If you use Instagram the way they want you to, and you establish your impact as an influencer elsewhere first, you could wake up one day to find that Instagram has given you their verification tick.

Your Verification Badge Has Disappeared

Instagram, of course, has the right to revoke any verification badges it may issue. They expressly say that they have the authority to remove your badge or disable your account if you:

  • advertised, transferred, or sold.
  • Promote other services using your profile photo, bio, or name section (so be careful with your influencer marketing in these places).
  • Make an effort to have a third party validate your account.

As a result, if you do acquire a verified badge, take it as a well-earned honour, and make sure you don’t offer Instagram any reason to revoke it.

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