Best Instagram Captions – 101 captions for posts

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world, with over 1 billion users worldwide. You are going to stand out in the crowd with the use of photos. Photos can only make you famous or more connections, however. By using good captions will help you meet more people and interact with them with Instagram captions. In this post you’re going to explore the Best Instagram captions for 2020 and beyond.

What’s a Instagram Caption?

An Instagram caption is a line of text lines that are shown with your pictures. Up to 2200 characters can be written on each caption.

Captions are helpful. This makes you more interesting, adding personality and more to your photograph first of all. It provide a means of showcasing your brand, engaging with the public, and taking such acts whether you run a company or have a brand.

It’s not an easy task to choose the right title for your picture. You might spend hours or even days agonizing over which Caption a picture is excellent.

This is why we have compiled the 200 Best Instagram captions for 2020. It includes selfies, devotion, inspiring pictures, and more.

Instagram Captions for Photography

photography captions for Instagram
captions for Instagram

“Photographs are a ticket back to our forgotten memories.”

“See life as a photograph; you can’t grow without the photos”

“Taking people’s images before understanding the fact is”

“Shooting new stuff is old – it’s old things I want to shoot new things.”

“What you feel inside is the best pictures”

“Someone asked me which computer I was using. I said the truth to them – my eyes”

“Pictures are more than just face capture; they are about the capture of souls.”

“Without words, what is a poem? The photo”

“Only change your focus when you feel life blurry.”

“What your soul thinks is more photography than what your eyes can see”

“Are you looking for a life break? Take pictures then”

“You will still have photos as long as you are alive”

“Learn as an expert all the rules – break them as a creative person.”

“Photography tells a story with no words”

“I want to see my pictures and fall in love with people.”

Funny Captions

funny captions for Instagram
caption for Instagram

“Does Sunday have to pass?”

“A blind man walks into a bar … and a jukebox and chair”

“Here is a secret: you can eat without letting us see your food on Instagram”

“Who else needs a 6-month holiday two times in 365 days?”

“You look like you lack a vitamin. Vitamin me”

“Why is everywhere so bright? It is too ‘A.M’ for me”

“It’s raining, and you need an ark? You’re in luck because I Noah guy”

“Wanna drive haters crazy? Then smile.”

“Love motivational speakers with their aspire to inspire to respire and expire nonsense”

“Wanna hear a joke? Three participles walk into a bar. The barman looks up and says, ‘this is tense’.”

“What did zero say to number eight? ‘wow, a nice belt, man”

“I once had fun; it was horrible.”

“I wish I were funny – I’d have better Instagram captions.”

“5% of statistics are false – including this one”

“My favorite F word is Friday. Guess my favorite.”

“I definitely didn’t wake up like this.”

“I Vodka the answer? Maybe not. But it’s definitely worth a shot.”

“Of course I will keep your secrets – I wasn’t listening after all.”

“So lazy that I’d have someone pick up my ‘laziness award’ for me”

“Eating a clock is fun. But it is so time-consuming”

“Mirror: You look so great today. Opens front camera – Eww”

More funny captions

“Fall in love? Yeah, no I’d rather fall asleep”

“Sometimes I’m pretty smart. Other times, I try leaving the car with my seatbelt on.”

“Life update: Holding my life together with a stapler pin.”

“As Drake said ” I’m here for a good time not a long time”

“Normalize energy-saving mode.”

“Ever tried saying ‘Bubbles’ when angry? It’s impossible!”

“There is no ‘we’ in ice-cream”

“Am I late? So sorry. I was enjoying not being here so much”

“Smile because nobody knows what is happening anymore”

“I have a diet pyramid – and caffeine is the cornerstone”

“I wish I’d be someone’s type, and not only when donating blood.”

“My heart is saying yes, but my Dad is saying No.”

“Who else suffers from Mondayticitis?”

“You never know what you find till you clean the house”

“Am I a handful? Good thing you’ve got two hands then.”

“Without coffee in the morning, I feel Depresso”

“Life may not be perfect, but my body is.”

“Height: 5.0″. Attitude: 7″

“What is your name? Can I call you to mine?”

“Stay in your lane and magic”

“Smile, wave, and pretend that you know what you’re doing”

“Confidence level: Bare-faced pictures with no filters”

“Good food makes everything so much better.”

“Be a flat in a room of stilettos.”

“With plenty of power comes jaw-dropping electricity charges.”

“Wait, you only drink Diet Coke? Then you must be super healthy.”

Sad Instagram Captions

sad captions for Instagram
sad captions for Instagram

“I fall asleep every night hoping I do not fall apart in my dreams”

“Pain is a teacher and learning is a gift.”

“So many people want to be happy – I could care less.”

“You only think you know how I feel – you have zero ideas.”

“It hurts so much that nobody cares about how I feel”

“I might wear a big happy smile, but I am not remotely happy”

“Sorry to confirm the rumors – I am always sad”

“Do I miss you? Of course; you are my oxygen”

“You thought I changed. I didn’t. But you did.”

“Did you slay the monsters under your bed as a kid? I thought I did. Turns out they moved to my head.”

Attitude Captions for Instagram

attitude captions for Instagram
attitude captions for Instagram

“I prefer Sunday mornings to Saturday nights – and that’s what I want to be to someone.”

“I put the Extra in extraordinary”

“People call it luck – I say it is hard work and persistence”

“You are wrong if you think that I care about what you think about me.”

“Fly and leave all your worries on the ground”

“The beginning cannot be changed – but you can change how everything ends.”

“Don’t live the same life for 30 years and think it’s a life”

“Dream by day and think at night”

“Eat spaghetti like a badass.”

“Stop thinking about someday – start thinking about Today.”

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and start a business”

“Nobody can tell me what to do – it’s my life and my rules”

“No matter how hard I fall, I’ll always bounce back up”

“While I remain down to earth – I still remain above you.”

“Hustle + Heart = Success”

“Things might be slow right now – but quitting wouldn’t make it faster”

“I only treat you the way you treat me.”

“Are you a dead fish? Then stop going with the flow”

“Stop texting me only when you need stuff”

“It’s called common sense. Unfortunately, it’s not that common.”

“Shut up if your voice wouldn’t improve the silence”

“It’s not an insult if it is true”

“How many miles have your thumb run on your screen today?”

“From your screen to your nightmare”

“I am not here anymore – on my mental beach”

“Treat every moment with care”

“Yes, I know I’m cute”

Travel Captions

travel captions for Instagram
travel captions for Instagram

“If you could go anywhere, where would be your first spot, and why?”

“Leaving town” I’ll be back never”

“I’d rather catch flights than feelings”

“Mood: Vacation today and every day”

“Living life with my feet buried in beach sand”

“Talk to the hand? No – Talk to the sand”

“The Wi-Fi might be weak, but it’s all I want here”

“I love the color of sunset”

“Let’s have a palm date”

“Vacationing in ( mention place)”

“Come join me on an adventure?”

“Traveling to Bali – one more thing crossed off my bucket list”

“Wanderlust in my bones and all around me”

Top motivational quotes for Instagram captions

“Anybody wanna guess where I am right now? Hint: Coconuts, beaches, and bikinis”

“People say paradise is a feeling and not a place: Bit why can’t it be both”

“I believe in 6-month vacations. What do you believe in?”

“As long as I am wearing a bikini there, I am good”

“Sweet, wondrous escape.”

“Salt in the air, straw in my mouth, and sand between my toes.”

“Out of the office – don’t call me.”

“Do I look fat? Vacation calories are not supposed to count”

“Routine is more lethal than an adventure”

“Only a rude person would keep a vacation on reading.”

“Sand between my toes, wind in my hair, the roar of the sea in my ears – there’s nothing better.”

“Passport ready. Beach here I come!”

“Let’s make memories here and keep them forever.”

“A day in the woods is great for the soul”

“A walk to remember in nature”

“I love the strength of the mountains. Their majesty and awesomeness.”

“A garden and library are all that you need.”

“Life is too short to be stuck in one place”

“Always leave a memory wherever you go.”

“Get lost in nature – you’ll end up finding yourself.”

Random Captions

“Hand over the pizza and nobody needs to get hurt.”

“She says I’m cute – she’s not wrong”

“Do not worry over tomorrow. You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. We will all be fine”

“Good things really happen to everyone”

“Nobody is perfect – you are still an incredible person.”

“Looking for happiness where you lost it is the definition of insanity”

“What is life without a dash of danger?”

“Always face the light and you won’t see any shadows”

“Live the life you desire and watch your dreams come true.”

“The foolish one considers himself the smartest in the room.”

“Mistakes will be made – lessons should be learned.”

“Stop the negativity and see the good in everything”

Best Selfie Captions for Instagram

Selfie captions for Instagram posts
Selfie captions for Instagram posts

“It is a wonderful world with many reasons to be glad.”

“I am why I smile every day – Self-love”

“Stop waiting for sunshine and be your own sunshine”

“Sleeping Beauty never asked for a prince.”

“I am just starting”

“Did I wake up like this? Probably”

“I’m merrier than a bird with a worm.”

“Too glammed up to have a care in the world.”

“Outer lights can be dimmed. But never the light inside you.”

“Who runs your world? You!”

Captions for Friends

friends captions for Instagram post
friends captions for Instagram post

“Friends are like pies – the best stuff is within”

“Here’s my friend. I wished for her last Christmas and Santa brought her to me.”

“The best friends do not let you do dumb things …. Alone”

“We had so much fun – and they have become my best memories”

“Some people coast through your life. Others work hard to stay there.”

“The best people make you smile even when you have a frown.”

“I had no idea how much you’d mean to me”

“Family isn’t just blood – it includes those who love you without question”

“Respect and trust – the foundations of any good friendship”

“Quality is better than quantity – especially when choosing friends.”

Savage Captions for Instagram

savage captions for Instagram
savage captions for Instagram

“Too much TV turns your brain to jelly – watch sunsets instead”

“You are not chocolate – so stop trying to please everyone”

“We are bad guys in other people’s tales.”

“Do I need your validation? Definitely not!”

“Half savage and half sweet”

“Some people love pretending – watch out because even salt looks like sugar.”

Girl Captions for Instagram post

girl captions for Instagram posts
girl captions for Instagram posts

“My life might not be perfect today, but just look at my hair!”

“Of course I am a model – have you seen me!”

“Awkward poses give the best photos.”

“I might not act it, but trust me I’m normal”

“Be the woman you looked up to as a girl”

“Do you like it? I got it from mama.”

Best Instagram Captions for Boy

“Real men cry.”

“Do not raise your voice at a woman – just improve your argument”

“Actions are louder than words so BE a gentleman”

“Always seek consent”

One Word Instagram Captions











Love Captions

love captions for Instagram
love captions for Instagram

“It hurts that you don’t think of me”

“Marry the one you cannot be without”

“Every day is a celebration with you.”

“How come everyone but you knows I’m crazy about you?”

“You are the bread to my butter”

“I drench myself in your love everyday”

“I will always choose you – no matter what”

“I will always hold on to your love”

“My heart beats your name”


So you got it – The best Instagram captions for you. We have covered most of the categories by using any of these captions will surely boost your Instagram engagements.

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