How to use Facebook marketing for business? Easy Guide

How to use Facebook marketing for business: Potential buyers already check on Facebook for companies like you. The best way to relate to them is with an insightful Facebook page marketing campaign.

I certainly don’t want to say that learning Facebook page marketing is a must for any brand in 2020.

You know that there’s a lot of users on Facebook. It is used every month by a massive 2.4 billion users.

Although you do not know how often Facebook is being used to connect with companies of all sizes. Two-thirds of Facebook users claim, for example, that at least weekly they visit a local Facebook business.

Potential buyers already check on Facebook for companies like you. The best way to target the potential audience is by using a simple, focused Facebook marketing campaign. Your foundation of online Presence is as Facebook put it, your business page.

Here are the best marketing tips on Facebook for the current year.

How to use Facebook marketing for business

The creation of a Facebook page does not cost anything. You can use the page to post content, connect to your website, and interact openly with fans and people.

This makes a Facebook page an extremely useful asset for any marketer who operates on a small budget.

Until you start using paid marketing tactics on Facebook, like Facebook advertising, you will need to build a Facebook business page. So your Facebook Page is the first step in how you use Facebook for your business.

1. Create a business page on your Facebook

Go to You need to log on to a personal Facebook account to continue, but your details are not shown on your new business page.

Choose your type of page: company/brand or Community/public figure

Enter the details of your business.

2. Add photos for the brand

Upload cover and profile pictures of your page. Make sure that you use Facebook’s ideal picture sizes to look your best.

3. Fill up your information page

To complete the sections below, press Edit Page Info:

Description: 255 characters to describe who you are and what you (business) do.

Contact information: fill in all including your website that people can reach you.

Extra options: Add your business operating time, price range, and privacy policy if it is relevant to your business.

4. Create your username

People will find you with your username on Facebook. To create one, please press Create Page @Username. Up to 50 characters can be used.

Ideas for your Brand URL in Facebook marketing:

Pick a page username that is easy to search for. This is the brand name in most cases.

And use a consistent username across social networks if available.

5. Add a button for call-to-action

A call-to-action button helps users to email you, shop for your products, or to interact with your company in a simple and fast way. Under the cover photo, click the Add a button to set up one.

6. Review settings on your Facebook profile

You have full power over who sees what on your page through your Facebook profile settings. Look, in particular, for privacy and security settings.

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How to create a Facebook marketing for business in 7 basic steps

Now we will look at some marketing ideas on Facebook that help you develop a good plan for this powerful social network, as you know the various kinds of Facebook posts.

1. Set your Audience

You first need to know who your target audience is to engage effectively.

Ask yourself the questions below:

  • How old are the followers of your target?
  • Where do they live?
  • What kinds of work do they indulge in?
  • What are their problems and discomfort?
  • How and when they will use Facebook?

Be sure to begin by knowing the simple demographics of Facebook. When you know who is using the Platform, see Facebook audience insights and this will help you to know about your target customer.

To learn more about possible customers, take advantage of audience insights. This method helps you to find details like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Location
  • Language
  • Facebook usage
  • Past purchasing activity

It’s one of Facebook’s most important marketing tips for successfully using the platform. Always know who you are striving to reach.

2. Set targets

It may be easy to focus on glamour percentages, such as looping of likes. But if these likes are not used in a larger campaign strategy they would not be of much value.

To be successful, you need clear goals aligned to real desired outcomes for your Facebook marketing plan.

The priorities for any company may vary, but they both must focus on acts that have an impact on your business. For instance:

  • lead generation
  • Increase your website conversion
  • Customer support improvement.

Such wide variations are a decent starting point. First, you need to define and calculate your targets.

Each post, comment, an ad should work in favor of your objectives on Facebook. To keep it on track, mixing your strategy into a strategic plan on Facebook for your brand is a smart idea.

3. Create a variation in content

Once you have set your targets, you have to plan how they can be achieved. The right mix of content is a key part of a strategy. I suggest either the law of 80-20 or the rule of 1-third in social media.

By the law 80-20:

  • 80%: to inform, educate and entertain in Facebook posts;
  • 20%: to market the brand

Know that it’s all about building relationships when using Facebook for the business, and self-promotion doesn’t go well. However, if you have sufficient value, your audience is open in 20 percent of the posts that focus on sales and learn about your products and services.

A good balance of informative articles vs promotion is expected in social media one-third law:

  • One-third of the contents should exchange stories and ideas
  • One third should involve the followers’ interactions
  • You will promote your business in the remaining third

The aim is to offer greater value to followers than advertising content.

The algorithm of Facebook will still penalize brands that make sales too complicated. Facebook wants the news feeds of its users to be full of content that they want to share.

You might enjoy this as a marketer, too. These both likes and shares will help you expand your influence and bring your business before new eyeballs.

4. Optimize your Facebook page engagement

You must make it easy for users to find your Facebook profile to meet the marketing goals that you have set. And when they come, you have to convince them to like your page.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there is a lot to understand and at first it can all seem a bit complicated. The good news is that without spending a dime, you can start. Then, blend your experience with more detailed strategies and paid campaigns.

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