One of the most popular social networking sites to attract a large base of followers from around the world is Snapchat. Since its release in 2011, the platform has come a long way, and by continuously adding new features, it continues to entertain users. A new update has recently been introduced to the social media platform, enabling users to add music to their images and videos. That is not the only improvement available for the latest update, though. Snapchat also helps people to move their default profile to a public profile.

What is a Snapchat public profile?

snapchat public profile

A Public Profile on Snapchat is one that encourages users to highlight their creativity and post photos, videos, or any other content on the site with a larger audience. You will also be able to connect to your fans and be noticed in the app if you have a public profile on Snapchat. These profiles were open on the web but were limited to celebrities and producers of content.

How to get a public profile on Snapchat?

You can’t customize those tricks or configurations to migrate to a public profile on Snapchat. As of now, the company has rolled out the function only to selected users, but over time it will be rolled out to more users. This will encourage users to make different improvements to their accounts, such as adding a bio, photo of the profile, email address, URL, and other details that will be shown to the fans.

The Highlights tab for the Public Profile will also be open, which users will use to highlight their images and videos. A new Lenses tab will also be available which will display the material posted using Lens Studio. It is suggested that you start using Lens Studio to create Lenses if you are trying to have a Public Creator profile.

To grab Snapchat’s interest, you can also aim to be more imaginative with your content. When you have a Snapchat Creator profile, you will now be able to allow other users on the site to handle your public profile by assigning specific roles.

If you want to know how to convert your usual Snapchat profile into a creator profile, then let me tell you that your account will not be changed by a magic button in the Snapchat settings. To get your username updated to a public profile, you have to be picked by Snapchat instead.

Snapchat, though, has a few things you can do to help you get a public profile, as described.

Create Lenses

Lenses are Snapchat’s version of an AR filter and one of the easiest ways to help your account change to a Public Creator is to create your lenses. Using the free Lens Studio app, anybody can make lenses.

Engage with stories

Another way to make your account worthy of being a creator profile is to engage with stories. Also, create shared stories.

Grow your audience

Creator profiles are only given to accounts that have a large and engaged following so focus on growing your audience. This will give you a much better chance of getting a public profile.

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