Twitter Followers: Best Tips to Get More Followers

Twitter has expanded fast since its inception, and there is a reason why it is now one of the world’s top three social networking sites. Strategically utilizing this platform can immediately extend your total business reach and twitter followers.

But, to do it correctly, you must first determine which strategies would perform best for your company. With over 3,50,000 tweets being sent every minute, it’s conceivable that yours may get lost in the shuffle and go unnoticed.

The first thing to understand is how Twitter engagement is determined.

Metrics for Measuring Twitter Engagement

The Twitter Engagement rate is determined by the number of individuals who viewed your tweet and the proportion of those who acted on it. It may be calculated using the following actions:


When a user clicks on the heart icon, it is seen as alike (or a favorite).


A retweet occurs when someone shares your tweet on their profile.


In a tweet, a mention occurs when someone uses the @ symbol immediately followed by your Twitter account. It can also take the shape of a hashtag, which is very useful if your brand is well-known.


A reply is a tweet that is sent in direct response to one of your tweets.

Clicks on links

When you include a link in a tweet, the number of times people click on it is tracked.

Views of videos

The number of times viewers see your shared video is factored into the engagement rate.

New Followers

If a new user follows your account after viewing a certain tweet, it has a significant impact on the engagement rate.

Why is Twitter Engagement so important?

When you initially start in the realm of Twitter marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is obtaining a large number of twitter followers. Everyone enjoys seeing a large number of followers in their profile’s followers area.

So, how do you go about getting that? Of course, by providing the material that people want to interact with. Keep in mind that Twitter participation is quite useful for developing personal ties with your target audience.

When others react to or retweet your tweets, it may be a great opportunity to strike up a dialogue with them. People notice the number of likes and retweets and are more likely to believe what they share on social media.

How to increase Twitter Followers?

Twitter offers several chances to engage with your target audience in significant ways. It will generate a large amount of user commitment, which is a fantastic opportunity for businesses and brands. Overall, it is beneficial too –

  • Engage your target audience.
  • In a very short period, reach out to your target audience.
  • Increase Twitter Followers
  • Direct communication with consumers
  • Create your specialty.
  • Respond to consumers right away.
  • Increase your global visibility.

Tips & Tricks to get more Twitter Followers

Now, to encourage people to take action on your account, here is a list of 12 fantastic tactics and techniques you can use to achieve incredible amounts of engagement on your Twitter account.

1. Tweet frequently

If you just tweet once in a while, no one will remember your name. Tweeting frequently and with high-quality material is a winning combination. Furthermore, the more you tweet, the faster you will discover what works best for you and what does not. To find out what your audience likes, experiment with different headlines, writing tones, and word combinations.

2. Create an intriguing profile

How many times have you noticed accounts with an empty bio or no profile picture? There are hardly any. When visitors land on your profile, they should be drawn in right away.

Upload a fantastic profile image that best represents your business, product, services, or anything else related to your account. Include your company’s slogan or value proposition in your bio. You are not required to describe your product in this section.

3. Connect with other users’ content

If you want other people to interact with your account, it’s a good idea to start by interacting with them. Find out who your target audience is by searching for your chosen keywords. Look at what they’re posting and interact with it.

Like and comment on their tweets. They will be more inclined to pay attention to your tweets if you do this. People typically believe that brands and organizations do not have the time to interact with customers, so when you do, it stands out.

When you do this regularly over time, you may establish meaningful relationships with other accounts not only on Twitter but also across all platforms.

4. The importance of hashtags

Hashtags are extremely essential since they show that your material is related to a specific topic. They aid with the organization and categorization of your tweets. Twitter has said in research that the usage of hashtags may significantly boost your click rate and Twitter engagement.

If you receive reactions to your tweet shortly after posting it, Twitter considers it popular and maintains it at the top of search results. It will be a real deal if you select your specialty keywords and apply hashtags appropriately.

In this case, too, don’t jam hashtags into your tweet — character count is important!

5. Share links with fresh content

Using live links is one of the simplest methods to increase interaction on Twitter. Simply select a fantastic article, blog, news, or anything else that others might be interested in and include it in your tweet.

Write a brief description of what the link is about and what visitors should expect if they click on it. You may also provide your thoughts on the link.

It’s also a good idea to double-check whether the link you’re providing is suitable for mobile devices. It has also been discovered that tweets with links receive up to 80% more retweets than others.

6. Retweet your favorite tweets

When you appreciate other people’s work, it demonstrates that you respect what they’ve written. When you retweet their material, it shows that you believe it is valuable enough to share with your network.

This tiny piece of interaction strategy will help a lot in the long run to gain followers. Making the effort to retweet their material will compel them to do the same for yours. Even if you retweet a tweet from someone who does not follow you, it will encourage them to check out your account and follow you.

7. Create valuable, fascinating, and valuable

Given the character restriction of a tweet, it is critical to make your tweets concise and clear. Giving people what they want is crucial since it piques their interest in your account.
Limiting your tweets to 80-110 characters keeps them brief enough for others to quickly retweet. As a result, when they retweet, they have ample character space to include their views or hashtags.

8. Tweet on weekends and peak hours

People are more likely to be active on social media over weekends since they have time off from work. According to several research, the peak hour on weekdays is in the afternoon, between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., because that is when individuals take their lunch breaks.

You will receive more views and boost your Twitter interaction rate if you can figure out when your target audience is most active. Peak hours will, of course, vary depending on the nation you reside in, your industry, region, and audience demographics.

9. Share the visuals

It’s no secret that tweets with photos and videos earn more likes and retweets, resulting in increased Twitter engagement. To put a number to it, we’ve heard that tweets containing pictures get 66 percent higher interaction. As a result, in addition to a fantastic text, it is useful to provide an accompanying image.

Not to mention that infographics are three times more likely to be shared than other photos; they may be employed if you have some remarkable facts to share with the globe.

When you have some more material to offer but are restricted to 280 characters, adding an image can assist. So start gathering photos, movies, graphs, or charts to spice up your tweets.

10. Ask questions

One of the most traditional strategies is to use tweets to ask questions and conduct surveys. It always succeeds because individuals like sharing their thoughts on social media. And if it is a brand doing it, they may be more interested.

You are free to ask questions about anything and anything. It may be a feedback inquiry for your product or a query about their goals for the new year.

It is much easier to initiate conversations and build involvement this way.

11. Retweet request

There is no harm in asking others what you want since if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Simply adding “Please retweet” or “Please RT” at the end of a tweet is a harmless thing to do. It works, believes it or not if your material is valuable to the viewers.

Learn that doing this in every other tweet is not a good idea, as people will completely disregard it.

Another method for increasing Twitter engagement through retweets is to provide users with an incentive. Many companies reward people who retweet with a discount or a gift.

12. Properly schedule your tweets

The more structured you are with your tweets, the more your account can achieve. Posting tweets at the appropriate times will improve the number of people who see your messages, resulting in more Twitter interaction.

13. Capitalize on current trends

Find out what is hot right now and include it in your tweets. On the left side of the Twitter screen, you can see what subjects are trending across the country or even in your region. Enter this sea, find out how to link them to your sector, and use those hashtags while tweeting.

14. Include a call to action

Is there anything you want people to say to you after they read your tweet? Tell them after the tweet.

Do you want them to join up for your email or watch your YouTube videos? Do you want them to get a fact sheet? As the last step, include a call to action. This approach can also result in high conversion rates.

15. Discuss celebrities

Whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, many fans want to stay up to speed on what’s going on in the industry. They are also highly interested in what prominent celebrities are up to. This approach will undoubtedly succeed and result in massive interaction since people are more willing to retweet and share.

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