Social Media Marketing Main Pillars – Easy Guide

Marketing in social media using social media marketing main pillars to connect to the audience to build your brand, to increase sales and to drive web traffic. This ensures that your social media accounts post excellent content, listening and engage your followers, analyzing your performance and ads on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat are currently the main social media platforms.

Main pillars of Social Media Marketing:

social media marketing main pillars: strategy


Let’s step back and see the bigger picture before you rush in and post something on social media. The first move is to understand your strategy on social media.

What are the objectives? How can your business goals be helped by social media? Some companies are using social media to increase brand awareness, while others are using it to boost sales and website traffic. Social networking will also assist you in creating loyalty to your brand, building a community and serving your customer service.

What platforms of social media would you like to concentrate on? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat are all the major social media platforms. There are other growing platforms like Tumblr, TikTok and Anchor, as well as social messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. When you start, select a few channels that you believe are on your target audience, rather than on all platforms.

social media marketing main pillars: publishing

Publishing and scheduling

Small business social media marketing typically begins with a consistent social media presence. Almost 3 billion people (3 million thousand thousand!) use social media. social media. You give your brand the ability to be discovered by your potential buyers by being present on social media platforms.

Publishing in social media is as easy as sharing a blog post, picture, or video. It is like posting your Facebook profile on your website. But instead of producing and publishing content randomly, you want to schedule your content in advance. Also you have to publish great content that your audience enjoys at the right time and frequency to ensure that you optimize your impact on social media.

social media marketing main pillars: listening

Listening and engagement

Conversations about your brand will also increase as your company and social media grow. People will tweet, tag you in their social media posts or directly contact you.

Without letting you know, people could talk about your brand on social media. You would want to track your brand’s social media talks. You get a chance to surprise them and enjoy them if it’s a good statement. Otherwise, before it becomes worse, you may assist and fix a problem.

You can check all your updates manually on all social media sites, but they do not function efficiently and do not see messages that do not mark the social media profile of your company. You can instead get a tool to listen to and engage social media, which includes all your social media links and news, including posts without any of the social media profile of your company.

social media marketing main pillars: reporting


On the road to figuring out how your social media marketing works, whether you are publishing content or engaging in social media. Do you reach more people than last month on social media? How many positive reports have you got a month? How many people on their social media posts used your brand hashtag?

A basic level of information is generated by the social media sites themselves. You can use the various social media analytics tools available to gather more in-depth analytical knowledge or easily compare them across social media channels.

social media marketing main pillars: advertising


If you have more funds to increase your social media marketing, social media advertising is an avenue that you should explore. Social media advertisements allow you to reach a larger audience than followers.

Publishing channels in social media are so large nowadays that you can exactly decide to which advertisements to show. Based on your demographics, preferences, attitudes and more, you will build target audiences.

You may consider using a platform to advertise social media to make massive improvements, automate processes and optimize your advertisements if you run multiple advertisement campaigns at once.

Marketing resources of social media

Platforms in social networks are rapidly growing. When Facebook has started, only text messages could be used by users. There are now so many types of content, including photos, videos, live videos and stories.

Therefore the marketing on social media has shifted, too. We would like to help you stay up to date with all the new social media change and strategies.

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