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Today, Everywhere is social media. So you need to be interested in social media even though your products and services are somewhat “small scale” You should start to generate brand awareness with a well-planned social media strategy, set the stage for sharing ideas, and generate demand. Here are 14 social media campaign ideas to launch your creative inspiration and encourage you to make your social media strategy regarding campaigns to help you achieve a strategic plan.

Here’s Best Social Media Campaign Ideas

1) Use Hashtags


Try using social media to represent your brand when communicating with your target audience. Your credibility online is important today. Build a hashtag to provide users with feedback and reviews.

2) Deals and Offers


You should promote social media offers and discounts as part of your overall marketing strategy. This helps to increase visibility and brings potential consumers to the goods and services, who may not have tried.

3) Encourage your audience

encourage users

Existing customers make the best ambassadors so that they can reveal their stories using your brand or exchange posts with them. Let them talk about how they were improved by your products. Encourage customers to share images and build a hashtag to endorse your products.

4) User generated content

user generated content

This can inspire the audience to build and share brand content and can include images or videos. You can build and keep content coming in campaigns around product releases, conferences, and festivals.

5) Calls to action should be included

call to actionIf you have CTAs on social media posts, people would more likely connect and interact with your brand. Ask them to register, subscribe, get more information, or leave a message. This will improve your CTR, your commitment, and your welfare campaigns’ overall performance.

6) Carry out polls

People want to take part in polls; they believe they are valuable to you. They matter, that you learn about your audience and increase their commitment to your brand when participating in your survey.

7) Influencers


Marketing with influencing is not only a trend. This will increase the visibility of your brand and create social credibility by getting contacts with influencers in your niche. Study who your niche audience is with the viable influencers and recommend an offer.

8) Behind the scenes

In today’s social media If you show details behind the scenes. You open a range of doors for current and future customers. You can update them first. Doing this you’re becoming more connected. Your content will be spread and your personality displayed.

Similarly, as potential hire guests, you can present your social media account with the community, values, opinions, missions, CSR events, diversity, and inclusion of your business, and more.

9) Live Streamlive stream


Surveys indicate that consumers prefer to live streaming to blog or social media updates. Live streaming parts of every social media event to generate more enthusiasm, promote connections with participants, and expose people who can’t participate. By using live stream you can also chat or include a live Q&A session in real-time with your customers. This helps you to relate to your brand in a way to improve the public’s connectivity with you.

10) Strategic Hashtags

strategic hashtag

Introduce a strategic hashtag for every welcoming event. You can answer participants, answer questions, give your kiosk directions, etc. Check for and engage in common hashtags and patterns. All will see how well you and your brand are when highlighting the personality of your brand. Hashtags are already listed a couple of times, but both can be brand-built and functional in this case.

11) Hype

When you’re about to launch a product, service, or event, create a social media campaign. You can preview or challenge your products to find out what it would be. You want people to talk about your brand and inspire potential sales. Develop blogs, teaser videos, or even pre-order counts.

12) Use all social media features

We know that it’s a big one. But items like the shopping feature on Instagram are game-changers for brands selling physical products. You can tag products in your Instagram posts and stories via this feature. If a customer uses the product tag, he or she is forwarded to a website to make a purchase. Take advantage of Instagram stories highlight goods and short-term sales or offers. These stories go away 24 hours a day, inspiring a sense of urgency and motivating consumers to return to new deals every day.

On sites like Facebook, there are other similar features. And don’t be afraid to start a messaging campaign on Facebook that will deliver content based on the preference of each user.

13) Video

Build video campaigns to illustrate how your products are being used. You may make a short demo video or a more comprehensive video series to explore the features of your products. Be good and creative. The plus point, If your company has a YouTube channel, use your website with video or use features such as Instagram video marketing to show people what your company is up to, which sometimes can not do anything that the written word or a still picture can.

14) Storytelling

The use of storytelling in your marketing helps the audience to exchange unique, related, and convincing messages. May not all ads tell potential consumers a story for which they can identify? The idea of attracting users’ emotions and thereby generating memorable messages for your audience on emotional marketing. Publish your stories and its pressure points with your target audience. Show them how they can help with their products/services.

Use the above tips to launch your own social media campaign or use them to enable your creative side in 2020 to find even more successful ways of using social media.

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