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Parler as social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook became more forceful in discussing propaganda and false facts.

The Parler social network derives its name from the French verb that means to speak but is also said to be the term “parlor” in English. And it’s quickly becoming the hottest new app on the right, attracting new customers for high profile promoters such as Ted Cruz.

Parler’s popularity has exploded. It was the highest rating among Apple device users during the US election, with 2000 percent of downloads ranging from 172000 a day to 428700 a day from 7 November to 9 November. The number of downloads alone exceeded 500,000 on 9 November.

What is Parler and how it works?

Parler is a social media app that was founded in September 2018 by John Matze, who continues to be its CEO. The user can upload text or photos that other users can either comment on, vote in favor, or the “echo” variant of a retweet that seems to be Parler.

Just two laws apply for Parler: first no illegitimate and second, no spam. The business said in an announcement that Parler “would not remove content based on politics or philosophy and is committed to freedom of expression.”

Let’s Look at Parler Social Media App

On November 8, the day major media outlets declared the US Presidential election in support of Joe Biden, Parler became the most-downloaded free app in the Apple App Store. It has now about 10 million users, launched in 2018, and has doubled since the elections.

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Types of Verified Accounts

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Available on Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad

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Download: for iPhone and iPad

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Who is using Parler social media?

The app had over 2,5 million users on its account by the end of July 2020, but its latest rise in downloads has possibly risen further. The content that has been shared tends mainly to the right, with several users saying that they joined, since other apps does not grant them “free speech.”

CEO Matze said in a statement in response to the recent development of the app “We welcome all to join our platform that highlights freedom to speak and open discourse.”

Several conservatives with a high profile are on the app. It was promoted by Ted Cruz. Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik, Rand Paul, and Nikki Haley, Republican lawmakers, are there. Candace Owens, the right-wing expert, already attracted followers from Twitter to Parler in December 2018. Since revealing she will quit Twitter soon, the Fox News host María Bartimoro received more than 1.6 Million Parler followers.

Parler has managed to secure a big user: Donald Trump. With tweets more than 30 times censored in late days, the president has nearly 89 million Twitter fans who have opposed the site especially vocal.

Launched: September 2018; 2 years ago

Launched: September 2018; 6 years ago. Founder(s): John Matze, Jared Thomson

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