Advantages of social media icons – Easy Guide

Social media are so built into our everyday lives that most social media icons can be noticed automatically. You need not see the platform’s name to attach the Facebook blue “f” icon or the Instagram camera icon. Also most people know what’s going to happen when they click/touch the icons on a webpage or email.

This is an excellent way for advertisers, bloggers, companies to incorporate Social Media icons in their marketing campaigns.

You may have them on your homepage, blog postings, newsletters or commercial collateral.

At the same time, you can consider all of the best practices and ethical requirements when you use these social media icons.

It is essential to mention that social media icons are the registered trademarks of the respective company. That means they’re protected by copyright, so you can’t change icon layout the way you want.

In this article, we will explore best practices and where you can find those popular social media icons.

The benefits

Social networking icons enable the search for companies, influencers, artists, brands on social networking sites, help you communicate and enhance your reporting.

You should add them to the digital marketing content and websites. Many companies even use them in their business cards and in materials for physical communication, such as posters and cards.

You will be able to know that your company is on these platforms when you see social media site icons in your articles.

You will normally have the appropriate social media handles next to the icon so that people would identify you quickly.

In the case of digital icons, you would be able to link to your social media page.

For example, you’ll be taken to the respective social media sites of the business by clicking on one of the following simplyirfan social media icons.

social media icons

It’s a perfect way to keep things clean and consistent using social media icons. Since they are easy to recognize, people know what happens exactly when you click on that icon. Moreover, you will not be bothered by annoying pop-ups telling visitors to join you. Now that you have come to realize the value of social media icons, let’s take a look where popular social media icons can be found by following the brand guidelines:

Social media icons company guidelines and their URL locations

Facebook Icons

Facebook social media icons

You can download the “f” logo from Facebook brand resource


  • Using just the “f” icon with the right color and type. If you are unable to use official Facebook color with technical restrictions, go for black, white, blue.
  • It should be equal in size to the other icons.
  • No objects should be animated or portrayed as a “f” logo.
  • Do not re-design or change the logo in any way.

Read more here: Official Facebook Brand Guidelines

Instagram Icons

You can download official Instagram icon files from Instagram Brand Resource Center.


  • Use the Instagram Brand Resource Center icons only. Multicolor or black and white models can be downloaded.
  • You have the right to substitute the color with a solid color.
  • Any other style elements need not be modified.
  • Do maintain the dimensions of the icon and do not minimize it to below 29X29 pixels.

Read more here: Official Instagram Brand Guidelines

Twitter Icons

You can download the official icon files from Twitter Brand Resources

Learn more about Twitter Brand Resources

LikedIn Icons

You can download the official icon files from Linked Brand Resources

YouTube Icons

You can download from the official YouTube Brand Resources

SnapChat Icons

You can download the full SnapChat brand guidelines and Official Ghost logo through Snap Inc.

Pinterest Icons

You can download the Official Pinterest badge from its Brand Guidelines page.

Best practices for using icons

You can find a strong social media presence in the right way to use these social network logos. Here are some guidelines and best practices before using them.

Do not make any modifications

Many brands and marketers have been lagging behind here. The logos cannot be modified because they are trademarks registered. It includes rotation, color modification, animation or addition of items. Although the colors of the logo do not correspond to the color scheme of your site.

Keep space and layout clear

Make sure they are the same size as height, width and resolution if you’re using more than one icon. Each business may maintain a clear space between its icon and other elements in a particular manner. Make sure that each icon’s exposure meets all guidelines.

Final comment

There are special guidelines and specifications to use icons in each social media network. While we covered the basics of all in this article, search the information on the respective resource page of each network. The most crucial concept to note is to prevent modifications to the icons and to keep up with the unique rules of each network.

Any more thoughts on how icons can be fully utilized? In the comments, let us know.


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