What not to share on Facebook? Best Guide in 2024

People all over social media platforms are now concerned about what not to share on Facebook, social media that’s an obvious question since Cambridge Analytica has exposed the user data misused for political gains in different parts of the world.

Social media users must use their common sense before they post anything on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There was a time when people used to write their daily activities on small diaries and called it my life experience. This is exactly what Facebook and Instagram are all about, users sharing their daily activities to the world. Facebook is a personal diary only when you are the only audience (Only Me)

Here’s what not to share on Facebook

Never share your home physical address (geolocation):

We all know how Facebook and other social media platform status update works the moment you post your status on social media platform the geolocation get lockdown immediately.

Any anonymous user can use your location geolocation information to track you down and stalk you. They can collect your location data and publish it online.

Never give out your physical address or phone numbers on social media or facebook messenger text exchange as the data breach and hacking is too common these days.

Going on a Vacation or travel plans

The Facebook status update says “Just landed in Thailand and what a lovely view”. It’s not a good idea to share or announce to the public on Facebook when you’re planning to be out of the city and leaving home vacant. There are Criminals who are watching social networks like Facebook to figure out when they can target potential victims. Most people would prefer not to return home from that trip to find out that they’ve been robbed.

Learn more about Facebook post types and privacy settings.
Facebook has enabled privacy checkup so that you can choose your audience accordingly in 3 easy steps.

Facebook Privacy Checkup
Control your Post audience: Facebook Post Privacy Setting
Facebook Privacy Checkup: Applications
Privacy Checkup: Facebook Apps settings
Facebook Privacy Checkup
Privacy Checkup on Facebook: Applications

You can secure your account and data by following the above easy steps on Facebook.

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