Is YouTube a social media website? Easy Guide

Yeah. Yes yes. While YouTube is known only as a place to watch funny videos of laughing kids and dogs, most of the social media users search for ‘is YouTube a social media website? Your search ends on this post.

is YouTube a social media website?

Social media is an internet platform that offers access to a network of people. And when we talk about YouTube as a social networking platform, what better way than this famous YouTube video, which explains social network in easily understandable terms, to show you how social media works.

Now that you understand social media, and please ask if you do not we will cover the best possible ways of using YouTube as a social media site.

1 million views on YouTube are not the target

Let’s hope that this kind of fame isn’t achieved. Any video of you that attracts such exposure will probably be bad – think an uncontrolled rant in the courtroom or an awkward fall in a jury member’s lap. Instead, you want to create connections with YouTube and build a reputation for yourself.

YouTube can build connections and networks in many aspects, including:

Regularly post quality videos. This will keep people engaged in subscribing to your videos and help you build your legal authority.

Make friends in your sector with everyone. You can send friend requests on YouTube just like Facebook.

Get subscribers and likes. Ask people to subscribe and recommend the videos they like to your channel. Consider the same thing for others.

Comments answering. Like all other social media users, when you answer their questions, users like it. As long as they appear to be valid comments – not spam or trolling – write a reckoning response.

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