How to unblock someone on Facebook? Easy Guide

Facebook is a popular social networking site for staying in touch with others. If a Facebook user chooses to block someone, the blocked person will no longer be able to do things like tag the user or view anything they post on their timeline. Now, if you’re a Facebook user who wants to unblock someone, there are a few easy actions you may do.

Here’s how to unblock someone on Facebook, step by step.

Unblock someone on Facebook

You will be able to view posts on Facebook that you share with the public when you unblock someone. The user will not instantly become a Facebook friend of yours. If you wish to be friends with someone you’ve unblocked, you must send them a friend request.

These are some methods you may use to unblock a Facebook friend.

Steps to unblock on Facebook

If you wish to unblock a Facebook friend, follow these instructions.

  1. To begin, click the down arrow-shaped symbol in the upper right corner of Facebook and select Settings.
  2. In your Settings, click Blocking in the left column.
  3. You should see a list of users you’ve blocked in the Block Users section. Click Unblock next to the name of the person you wish to unblock.
  4. Next, click Unblock next to the person’s name you wish to unblock.
  5. Finally, click Confirm to finish unblocking the user.

Following these methods might assist you in unblocking a Facebook friend.

Please keep in mind that if you unblock someone, you will be unable to block them again for a few days. You may also take a break from someone if you don’t want to unfriend them but want to see less of their postings on Facebook.

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