How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts? Easy Guide

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts: Today, Facebook is the largest worldwide social media platform having 2+ billion users worldwide. By posting personal pictures, images, words, and more about their lives, Facebook users connect. Facebook helped connect many people who might be around the world. If you live in Singapore and your friend in North America, with the help of all you post on Facebook, you can always keep up to date with each other’s life events.

Facebook, however, is not just a site full of great features. It is also full of people who comment on each other hatefully and negatively. Everyone can comment on your post you share online can be accessible to other people. It leads to a flood of bullying, destructive criticism, and bad experiences of Facebook messaging.

A vengeful person can post vicious (but false) negative feedback on your business page will put other potential customers off. It’s become critical to know how to hide Facebook comments to avoid any unexpected events. Sadly, the freedom of a user to change his experiences has been set by Facebook. No exception to this is hiding comments. Comments on your article aren’t easy to delete. This means that privacy settings on the Facebook page should be managed by the page admin.

In this post, we will explore ways to hide all the comments/keep specific contacts from comments.

How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts

Log in to your favorite Facebook account, and open your preferred web browser on your desktop/mobile device.

Next, go to the top right-hand drop-down arrow and select “Settings.”

You may want to change your confidentiality from there. Here you can choose who sees your posts and even let others tag you before you go live on your Facebook page.

Now that you know that it is time for you to disable commentary on your Facebook shares, who can even access your details on the Internet.

The choice “Only Me” means that you can only see your message, which also applies: you can comment only.

After it has been written, you can change the privacy settings in an article.

Pick the post you want to edit for privacy settings

Tap into the top-right corner of that post three vertical points

Tap “Freedom Edit”

Select ‘Public,’ or ‘Friends, except…’ Select yours.

The ‘Friends except…’ option allows you to show and hide your post from all of the others. Select “Who can post on your timeline?” To enter your account settings? “Option. “Option. After that, click “Edit” and select “Only Me.” It prevents random posts from appearing on your timeline.

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Groups

You also can disable comments on various Facebook pages/groups as a Facebook user. To do you have to be the person who originally shared the post or a group administrator. Here is what you need, to disable comments in a group if you fall in one of those two categories:

  • Select the posts you don’t want to receive comments on the group.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the three-dots icon and “Turn Off Comments.”

Note that only if you have administrative privileges or share the post, you can turn off comments in groups.

Also, don’t try this method for all posts that you would like to comment on. You can also choose to privately control your group, which allows only a selected group of people to comment on your content.

How do I Turn Off Comments on Facebook’s new design?

Recently, Facebook began a new desktop interface and it is intended as a visual redesign to make everyone more available. By clicking on a button, you can change this interface. You can quickly turn back to the old, familiar GUI. With the update on the GUI, you can disable comments for your posts by modifying them slightly. This isn’t a huge change and you can follow these steps quickly. What you have to do here:

  • Pick the post you want to edit for its privacy settings.
  • Tap into the top-right corner of the post three vertical points
  • Tap “Edit Audience”
  • Choose from ‘Public,’ ‘Friends,’ ‘Friends,’ ‘Specific friends’ or only me’ to ‘Acquaintances.’

While users can now go back to the old version, the old version will be completely removed from Facebook in the future. But it’s best to get used to the new design, whether it’s a Facebook comment or something else.

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