News Grets Store Referral Spam, Referral Spam: This is how to Fix this Issue

Are you noticing a sudden surge of referral spam activity from “news grets store” “” originating from Poland in your Google Analytics (GA4) reports? You’re not alone.

Many users, myself included, have observed this peculiar influx of fake users from Poland appearing regularly in GA real-time reports, approximately every 20 minutes or so.

It’s a phenomenon that has sparked discussions across various forums, with numerous individuals reporting similar experiences simultaneously.

However, amidst the confusion, there’s a glimmer of hope – it appears this may be more of a Google Analytics issue rather than a genuine influx of traffic from “news grets store” in Poland.

So, let’s dive into how we can tackle this pesky referral spam and restore the integrity of our GA data.

news grets store Referral Spam (Poland) Fix!
Google Anlytics (screenshot)

What is and what is

When attempting to access, users may encounter a concerning issue wherein the website redirects them to spammy or malicious links instead of displaying legitimate content.

This behavior typically indicates that the website is involved in deceptive practices, possibly serving as a conduit for spam or phishing activities.

Consequently, visitors are diverted away from their intended destination to potentially harmful or unwanted destinations, posing risks such as malware infection or fraudulent schemes. redirect to this page. redirect to this page. redirect to spammy page. redirect to spammy page. redirect to malicious page. redirect to malicious page.

It’s crucial for users to exercise caution when encountering such redirects and to ensure their devices are protected with up-to-date security measures to mitigate the potential risks associated with visiting such sites.

Steps to fix news grets store referral spam

Referral spam in Google Analytics can skew your data and make it difficult to accurately assess your website traffic. To fix referral spam, you can follow these steps:

Identify Referral Spam: In your Google Analytics account, navigate to the “Acquisition” section and Look for any suspicious or irrelevant domains that are sending traffic to your website.

Go to Reports and see “First user source

identify referral spam in google analytics

To identify referral spam click on “View user acquisition

You need to select “First user source

first user source in google analytics
Engaged sessions of first user source in google analytics

Now look for “Engaged sessions” with “0“, as you can see, static,,,,, have 0 engaged session. They’re identified as bots/spam referrals.

Now check for each domain IP Address. For example:

IP Address

Once you’ve identified the IP Address of domains. You can block IPs in GA4.

Admin > Setup Assistant > Collect website and app data > Manage Data Streams > Select Data Stream > Configure tag settings > Define Internal Traffic > Create > Add IP addresses which you’ve identified as referral spam > Save

Click on Admin
Click on Admin
Setup Assistant
Choose Setup Assistant
Manage data streams
Collect website and app data > choose manage data streams
configure tag settings
Select configure tag fettings
show more
Click on Show more
define internal traffic
Choose Define internal traffic
Add IP Address
Add all the IP Address which you’ve identified as spam
click on save
Click on Save

Verify Filters: After creating filters, it’s essential to verify them to ensure they’re working correctly. You can do this by navigating to the Real-Time section of your Google Analytics account and accessing your website.

If the referral spam is excluded from real-time data, your filters are working.

Regularly Monitor: Keep an eye on your Google Analytics data periodically to ensure that new referral spam doesn’t appear.

If you notice new spam domains, add them to your filters accordingly.

To Fix Unwanted Referral Spam in Google Analytics GA4

step 1 to fix news grets store referral spam
Go to Admin
step 2 to fix news grets store referral spam
Choose Setup Assistant
step 3 to fix news grets store referral spam
Select Manage data streams
step 4 to fix news grets store referral spam
Now at the bottom, choose Google tag (configure tag settings)
step 5 to fix news grets store referral spam
Click on List unwanted referrals
step 6 to fix news grets store referral spam
Enter sites and click on save

Updated, 28 February 2024

new list unwanted referrals
referral spam google analytics update
Google Analytics screenshot February 28, 2024

This is a trending issue on Google Analytics Community

Settings for Cloudflare

Another effective tactic to combat the “news grets store” referral spam issue is by leveraging a Web Application Firewall (WAF) through services like Cloudflare.

By configuring rules within the WAF, you can target and block traffic originating from specific IP addresses associated with the spam, or even filter based on the referrer field.

Additionally, integrating CAPTCHA challenges can add an extra layer of defense, ensuring that only legitimate users can access your website.

These proactive measures, when combined with other filtering techniques, can significantly mitigate the impact of referral spam and enhance the overall integrity of your analytics data.

step 1 to fix news grets store referral spam through Cloudflare
Cloudflare, Step 1 WAF
Cloudflare, after setting up WAF

In tackling the issue of referral spam from “news grets store” in Poland, it’s essential to implement measures to filter out this unwanted traffic from your Google Analytics reports.

One effective approach is to set up filters to exclude known spam domains or use predefined spam filters provided by Google.

Additionally, regularly monitoring your GA reports for any unusual patterns or spikes in traffic can help identify and address any new instances of referral spam promptly.

By staying vigilant and employing these strategies, you can ensure that your GA data remains accurate and reliable, free from the interference of referral spam.

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