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PPC Packages

Management of PPC Campaigns

Launch of a new product? PPC can be effective. A brand-new website? PPC can be valuable. Do you require leads? PPC can be profitable. Do you need more sales? PPC can be good. Are you rebranding your business? Yes, PPC can help there as well.

PPC will not fix all of your difficulties, but it is an advertising approach that will help your business grow. Pay-per-click advertising may reach your target audience in a number of ways thanks to a wide range of ad types.

This is the most effective technique to get consumers notice your ads and click on it to visit your website, which can then be converted into purchases. If you don’t have a significant advertising or marketing budget, this is the greatest option because you may spend as little or as much as you like. 

Types of Ads

Paid Search

Show up above organic search.

text search ads ppc

Display Ads

Image, video or rich media ads

display ads ppc

Remarketing Ads

Following you all across internet

remarketing ads ppc

Shopping Ads

product photos shown above search results

shopping ads ppc

App Promotion

Ads to boost app installations.

app promotion ads ppc

Video Ads

Reach New Audiences with Video Ads

video ads ppc

Text Search Ads

Text advertisements that display above organic search results in a Google search. On mobile devices, search advertising give customers with a bit of information about the business as well as a link to reach you. When clicked, Search adverts take visitors to a specific page on your website.

text search ads ppc
display ads ppc

Display Network Ads

Display advertising are visual advertisements that appear throughout Google’s Display Network. Display ads might be text, picture, video, or rich media. Google’s Display Network includes over 2 million sites, all of which have areas on them where Display advertisements can show.

A Display advertisement might very well, for example, show between paragraphs in an online news article, to the right of a block of text on a website, or in a section at the bottom of a famous smartphone app.


Remarketing Ads is a type of internet advertising that allows websites to show customised ads to visitors who have previously visited their website. Past visitors will encounter these adverts when surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, or reading news sites, for example, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds and motivating them to return for more.

remarketing ads ppc

Affordable PPC Packages


$140 / ₹10,000

per month

PPC  Management

Value Adds



$250 / ₹18,000

per month

PPC  Management

Value Adds



$415 / ₹30,000

per month

PPC  Management

Value Adds


Plus an additional 18% GST.

Please remember that these are standard PPC packages, and price may change depending on the client’s needs. Our packages do not include any Google Ads Spending.

Do You Think PPC Isn't for You?

If your company is trying to acquire a presence in the industry, wanting to expand, or boost growth this year, a well-executed PPC campaign can help. PPC advertising is continuing – if PPC is done effectively, your company should see a favourable return on investment. 


There are several options for delivering the proper message for your brand, including Search, Shopping, Display, and Remarketing advertisements.


If you're a small, local business or a big company, targeting choices enable you to pick where your advertisements will appear.


You pick your daily budget and can raise or reduce it as needed.


PPC ads display above search engine results, placing you at the top of search results page (as well as in the eyes of shoppers).

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